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    Laser classification & compliance

    Experts in laser safety

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    Laser hazard assessments

  • Laser safety plans and procedures

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Lasers in the workplace, are they hazardous?

You have a legal obligation to know. 
You have a legal obligation to protect your workers. 
Do you have a laser 
safety policy?
Do you need a laser safety officer?
Do you need laser safety training? 

Laser Radiation

Those properties which make laser radiation so attractive for many scientific, technical and medical applications, namely that a large amount of optical radiation can be incident on a small target area in a short period of time, is the very reason why laser radiation is able to cause severe eye and skin injuries.

Protect your staff from laser hazards in Australia & New Zealand

The expert staff at Opticum provide laser safety training, laser safety consulting and laser safety officer services. Based in Canberra, we provide our laser safety services to clients in industry, academia and Defence all across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Laser Safety Consultation 

For expert advice and reliable solutions, look no further than Opticum. We have a wealth of experience, we can meet your needs whatever they are and wherever you work:
  • Laser workplace or laboratory designs
  • Laser classification and hazard assessments to Australian Standards
  • Laser guarding
  • Laser safety policy development are just the obvious ones.
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Laser Safety Officer Services

Don't require a full-time laser safety officer? Need a laser safety inspection or audit? Need help meeting your regulatory obligations? Need to setup a workplace policy for a lower level laser safety officer to manage? Why not try our laser safety officer services - we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Laser Safety Training Course

In collaboration with UNSW Canberra our experts teach into the acclaimed UNSW Canberra professional education program. Whether you are new to laser operations, a WHS manager or a seasoned laser user there is a course to suit. From the 5 day level 1 laser safety officer course, the 1 day level 2 laser safety course to the shorter level 3 operator laser safety course (offered in online or contact mode) or the online level 4 general awareness course you are well covered.

Thinking of buying a laser pointer? Don't end up on the wrong side of the law or with blind children - try our laser pointer awareness course first.

Experience and 

Lead by industry expert Dr Trevor Wheatley, an award-winning standardisation expert and engineer, the team at Opticum provides quality laser safety services across Australia and New Zealand. Our PhD qualified professionals have been teaching and consulting in laser safety for greater than 20 years. 

All are internationally recognised laser based research experimentalists with many publications in a variety of fields and have practical experience in the operation and safe use of laser equipment.

Who We Are

Our laser safety training courses taught in collaboration with UNSW Canberra have been developed over 30 years and designed by Australian delegates to the International Electrotechnical Commission's TC76 committee on laser safety. We have significant experience drafting the standards, policy and procedure in Australia, New Zealand and internationally, we deliver the latest standards practice in all things we do. The team has laser safety practitioners and laser researchers who appreciate practical laser safety and will work with you to deliver outcomes that are robust and workable. Find out more about us in our Our People section.

Catering to your group

We teach the same high-quality training in a variety of settings. With courses offered regularly in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, civilians and military personnel can sign up for our one-day courses. We also provide in-house trainings for groups of 10 or more. If you do not see a date and location that suits your needs, submit an expression of interest and we will keep you informed about upcoming training in your area, or arrange one to be conducted in-house.
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