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Reduce the risk of accidents with professional laser safety training. Opticum provides expert laser safety consulting and training across Australia to ensure you are prepared for appropriate laser operation. Based in Canberra, our professionals work with clients across industries to ensure that your employees understand laser safety. 

Dr Trevor Wheatley

Dr Trevor Wheatley is an Electrical Engineer and laser safety expert within the School of Engineering and Information Technology at UNSW Canberra. Alongside a PhD in Electrical Engineering, his work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international conferences. 
Trevor wheatley

Trevor’s Experience

Trevor chairs the Standards Australia SF-019 Committee on laser safety, which publishes the AS/NZS laser safety standards. He is the head of the Australian delegation on IEC TC 76, the body that writes and maintains International laser safety standards. He has been teaching and consulting to Industry, Academia and Defence in both Australia & New Zealand for more than a decade. In recognition of his contributions to his profession over the last decade, Trevor was elevated to Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (SMIEEE).

International Electrotechnical Commission 1906 Award

Dr Andrew Lambert

Associate Professor Dr Andrew Lambert from the UNSW Canberra at ADFA has been involved in providing laser safety short courses to Department of Defence and industry personnel for more than two decades. He is an internationally renowned researcher in optical signal processing and adaptive optics. Andrew represents UNSW Canberra with Trevor Wheatley on the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee Z136 for laser safety.

Dr Geoffrey Cochrane

(in memoriam 1936-2017)

Dr Geoffrey Cochrane's contribution to laser safety in Australia was significant, where he published numerous papers, contributed to Standardisation and developed and taught Australia's premier laser safety course to defence and industry from 1987 - 2006. Geoff served for around 20 years on the Standards Australia committee SF019, which he also chaired and represented Australia on IEC TC76 between 1995 and 2006. Geoff contributed to international laser safety standardisation significantly and was active in TC 76 working groups. Geoff's active involvement in this work stopped when he retired and passed the flame to Trevor in 2006 but he continued in a mentoring role until 2010. Thank you for your great contributions Geoff, RIP.

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